Ultraviolet fluorescent testing, better known as xenon arc enables manufacturers to understand the effects of long term weather exposure on their products. Xenon arc accelerated exposure combines UV light, condensing humidity and heat to create an environment that simulates the long term effect of outdoor exposure on tested components.  Common materials exposed to xenon arc weathering include paint, coatings, textiles, and interior/exterior polymeric parts.

J.A. King can perform a variety of sun simulation test methods to include full spectrum analysis, xenon arc/UV-fluorescent testing and UV testing with or without weathering. There are many standards that call out xenon arc in the method, two of the most common standards are ASTM G155 and ASTM D7869.  Xenon arc, along with J.A. King’s other environmental testing capabilities such as salt spray, and alternating climate make J.A. King a premier lab choice for all of your environmental exposure needs.

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