High speed video capture and analysis is commonly required when research and development involves studying a very high-speed event. These high-speed events may include automated mechanism functionality, blasts from firearms, destructive tensile and compressive testing, or a variety of other motioned operations that occur too quick for humans or even standard cameras to capture.

At J.A. King, our high-speed video capturing system was implemented primarily to study airbag deployment.  Therefore, we can offer a unique blast-safe environment with full camera view so our high-speed video cameras can capture events within the space. In addition, due to the nature of airbag systems deployment testing , our blast chambers are also capable of environmental adjustment so we can capture high speed video under a variety of environmental conditions.

Since our chambers were designed to handle an entire vehicle instrument panel assemblies for airbag deployment, we can also accommodate larger parts which is an added benefit when considering J.A. King for high speed video capture and analysis.

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