J.A. King offers airbag system deployment testing services in our state of the art laboratory in Greenville, SC.  We provide customers with various data points such as expansion velocity, and tear seam location, using high speed video capture. In addition, our controlled environmental chambers allow our technicians to perform deployment tests at temperatures from -40° C to + 95°C to determine how environmental conditions affect deployment.

Since customers in the automotive industry have unique product testing requirements, our team can utilize our state-of-the-art equipment to completely customize an airbag deployment test procedure to meet your needs. Whether you’re needing to find information on a single data point for a few parts, or multiple data points on hundreds of parts, J.A. King will work with your quality team to ensure you have the data you need.

Airbag Testing Chamber

J.A. King is a fully accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2005 testing facility. When requirements involve using a third party for testing, our team has years of experience and the accreditation to ensure you have the data you need. In addition to Airbags and Interior Automotive Systems, J.A. King is also accredited for many other testing parameter so you don’t need to find multiple facilities to run different tests. You can have it done all in one place, J.A. King. Click on the button below to learn more or schedule a test today.



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