For companies focused on high quality products, checking for and removing any deficient components is an important part of the manufacturing process. Whether parts are from an external supplier, or even an internal process, quality sorting services ensure products that reach end users are of the highest quality and safe for use, with minimal disruption to your process.

J.A. King offers a variety of precision measurement services that can help determine form, fit, or performance nonconformance root cause.  Once the root cause is isolated J.A. King can then perform part or assembly sorting to protect your customer.  We offer complex sorting with CMMs, Measurement Arms, Advanced Vision Systems, and Optical Comparators, to name some of our capabilities.

If you have Level two containment, launch part surveillance, clean point definition, or any other form of customer protection, J.A. King can help. In addition to containment we offer PPAP dimensional verificationFirst Article Inspections, Capability Studies, and Design verification study inspection services.

J.A. King measurement services give you the confidence to make sound decisions. For more information about our quality sorting services or to receive a quote, fill out the form using the button below and discuss your project with a J.A. King team member.

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