J.A. King can bring our inspection capabilities to you. There are some common applications for which on-site measurement may be necessary. These include measurement of large, heavy parts or assemblies, objects that must be measured in-situ, when there is heightened concern of damage or loss in transit, or when customer direction or witnessing is required. J.A. King’s experienced inspection technicians can travel to your facility to take measurements directly on your manufacturing floor or in one of your labs!

J.A. King utilizes state of the art inspection equipment, including a new FARO Quantum S Portable CMM with laser scanning capability. This enables us to provide both contact inspection via touch probe and non-contact inspection via laser scanner on-site at your facility. Non-contact 3D scanning allows us to perform inspections that are difficult or impossible utilizing probing, such as flush and gap, and enables us to scan across a variety of surfaces, even those that are reflective.

Our on-site inspection service offering includes:

  • Dimensional layouts
  • First Article Inspection
  • CAD-based inspection and comparison
  • 3D Scanning
  • Fixture certifications
  • Tool and die verifications
  • Reverse engineering

Whether you require an independent, third party evaluation or lack the manpower or equipment for your workload, J.A. King’s metrologists can help. For more information about our onsite inspection services or to receive a service quote, fill out the form using the button below and discuss your project with a J.A. King team member:


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