First Article Inspection or (FAI) is often one of the most important parts of the manufacturing process. With a focus on product quality, many buyers require parts to adhere to strict guidelines and within specific tolerances to ensure consistency in their products. Likewise, suppliers with outbound materials going to multiple buyers often need verification on the front end of the transaction to ensure no problems arise down the line.

Whether you need to inspect incoming components from a supplier, or are verifying parts from your own production process, J.A. King can offer quality inspection services to verify parts are within specified tolerances.

Our team utilizes state of the art equipment such as CMMs, video inspection systems, 3D scanners and even surface roughness testers to determine specification adherence on a variety of items. In addition, our laboratories can offer ISO 17025 accredited inspection for a variety of parameters.  As a third-party first article inspection provider, J.A. King offers the reporting you need from precision measurement professionals you can trust.

For more information about our first article inspection services or to receive a service quote, fill out the form using the button below and discuss your project with a J.A. King team member:


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