Scale & Weight Calibration

As a leader in precision weighing since 1939, J.A. King offers an extensive background in weight calibration services. NIST or ASTM traceable calibration of test weights is extremely important as these weights are often used to calibrate scales and balances in quality laboratories and production settings. A scale or balance being off by even a minimal amount can over time result in loss in material, lost profit, and inaccurate or irregular product weight.

Many quality labs routinely verify balances and scales as part of weighing standard operating procedures (SOPs), which help to maintain uniformity. In these scenarios it is important to maintain test weights in a clean, temperature controlled environment and have them frequently verified by a NIST or ASTM traceable master standard.

The mass laboratory in our Greensboro, NC facility offers ASTM and NIST traceable capability to measure class 1-7 and class F weights for masses between 1mg and 70 lbs (31.8kg). All weight calibration within this range can be performed to the ISO 17025 accredited calibration standard. For weights which are class 4 or better, our capabilities range from 1mg to 10kg.  Larger masses can be accommodated for special projects. Learn more about storage and handling of test weights.

For more information about certified test weights or to get a quote for calibration service, click the button below to contact a J.A. King team member.

GageSuite Calibration Management
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