Floor scales, platform scales, or pallet scales are an excellent resource for weighing large items such as pallets, crates, or outgoing shipments in warehouses. In these and many other scenarios, a calibrated floor scales keep operations running efficiently by ensuring accurate weight and correct quantities of materials are processed.

If your platform scale is measuring incorrectly by just a fraction of a pound, over time you could be losing out on thousands of dollars of profit, or even worse, not fulfilling a sufficient amount of materials to your customers.

With periodic floor scale calibration, your units will continually provide you and your employees with the accurate readings you need to keep your operation running smoothly and your customers happy.

With NIST traceable master standards allowing our technicians to calibrate weigh scales up to 120,000 lbs, J.A. King’s Handbook 44 compliant techniques ensure your equipment gets the calibration and service it needs.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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