In industries where materials are packaged and shipped to shelves for end users, it’s immensely important that the correct amount of product leaves your factory in every package. A good example are packaged items in the food and beverage or consumer products industries.

Packing too much product into each unit can lead to loss in profit, while under-packing can lead to an unhappy customer, or even worse, a potential lawsuit. Checkweighers provide that security by ensuring all of your outgoing product is packaged within a given weight tolerance. Often the checkweigher is one of the last quality checks before product leaves the factory and reaches your customers hands.

With a rigorous set of Handbook 44 compliant techniques and NIST traceable master weight standards, J.A. King technicians can provide accurate and reliable calibration for a variety of models. These include both stationary checkweigher scales as well as conveyor scale models, so you can ensure your customers are getting the correct amount of materials no matter what setup you have.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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