As a leader in the precision measurement industry since 1939, J.A. King offers years of expertise when it comes to balance calibration. We rely on our laboratory balances every day to be accurate and repeatable. When you weigh ingredients for a batch of solution today, you expect that the weighed amount of chemicals & buffering agents to be the same as those weighed six months ago.  Batch to batch variation can have profound impacts on experimental results, formulations, and cell growth profiles.

Keeping your balance serviced and properly calibrated is an important step in keeping your process in control and repeatable.  Do your calibration protocols measure up?  You can trust J.A. King to offer balance calibration with a robust protocol including: increased load testing, decreasing load test, four corner testing, and a survey of environmental conditions that can affect balance performance.  USP 41 compliance analysis is also available for customers in USP regulated environments.

USP 41 weighing

Not only can J.A. King perform balance calibration per USP Chapter 41, our ISO17025 certificate conveniently provides the calibration data table, standard deviation, and the minimum allowable weight that your balance can accurately weigh.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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