Since 1939, J.A. King has been an innovative leader in weight and scale calibration services. With over 75 years of technical expertise, you can be assured our level of customer service and capability have been fine-tuned and perfected. Like always, our goal is to be the go-to provider for weight and scale calibration.

Our network of ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratories throughout the U.S. allow us to offer quicker service for equipment in multiple regions. This reduces down time for equipment and makes it economical to offer our world class customer service for onsite equipment such as truck scales.

Our network allows us to service a larger number of on-site truck scales than most other providers. We have a fleet of high capacity weight trucks with up to 20,000 pounds of calibrated weight in addition to certified weight carts, allowing our technicians to calibrate scales up to 200,000 pounds in accordance with handbook 44. Take a look at some of our disciplines in weight and scale calibration:

J.A. King Weight and Scale Calibration Scope of Disciplines

Aircraft Weighing ScalesAxle ScalesBalances
Bench ScalesCheckweighersFloor Scales
Tank & Hopper ScalesTest WeightsTruck Scales

Don’t see your weight and scale equipment on this list? Don’t worry! at J.A. King we pride ourselves on investments in equipment standards that continuously push quality to new levels. As technology improves and our weight and scale equipment evolve, we can bring our customers the most accurate measurements with new weight and scale calibration parameters. Please contact your account manager for more information or click the button below for a quote on equipment calibration.


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