Torque arms and torque wheels are an integral part of calibrating and verifying torque transducers. They work by setting a known weight at a specific distance away from the center point of a transducer which generates a set torque value. Since most torque transducers are used to calibrate and verify a variety of other torque equipment, it’s important to ensure the transducer calibration can be traced back to a standard such as a calibrated torque arm and certified weight.

J.A. King offers NIST traceable calibration of torque arms and torque wheels with dimensional measurements from our inspection master standards. Our technicians can utilize coordinate mapping machines to measure center point to hang point dimensions and report on a certificate of calibration for reference.

With J.A. King, your quality team can access this information 24/7 using GageSuite®, our online calibration certificate tracking system.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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