J.A. King has industry leading expertise in a variety of torque disciplines and offers comprehensive torque measurement solutions. These solutions include torque equipment calibration, preventative maintenance, equipment repair and torque quality auditing.

Torque services at all J.A. King laboratories can be performed to the ISO17025 standard. Our calibration capabilities include torque tools from 4 lb-in up to 2,000 lb-ft, torque testers up to 2000 lb-ft, and hydraulic tighteners up to 15,000 lb-ft.

In addition to the broad range of ISO 17025 torque calibration capabilities offered in our laboratories, many of our locations offer torque calibration services onsite and in your facility for convenience.  Take a look below at our scope of torque calibration disciplines.

J.A. King Torque Calibration Scope of Disciplines

Bottle Cap/Spring Torque Testers Torque Multipliers Torque Testers/Analyzers/Transducers
Torque Wrenches Torque Screwdrivers Torque Watches
Pneumatic Torque Tools Pulse Torque Tools

Don’t see your equipment in this list? Don’t worry! J.A. King is continuously expanding our capabilities to include more equipment calibration services. Please contact your account manager for more information or click the button below for a quote on equipment calibration!

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