Thermocouples are found in a wide variety of applications throughout many industries for monitoring temperature in everything from ovens and freezers to thermostats and engines.

Typically, thermocouples comprise of two wires made of different conducting materials. When joined at the end using a weld or a connection, the unit then acts as a thermocouple probe. The difference in potential between these materials, generates a voltage that changes with temperature.

An array of thermocouple types utilize materials such as nickel-alloy, platinum/rhodium-alloy, and tungsten/rhenium-alloy among others, which usage is determined by factors such as sensitivity requirements or accuracy needs, temperature range, and budget.

J.A. King provides ISO 17025 accredited thermocouple calibration for types B, E, N, S, T, J, K, and R. Our thermocouple calibration procedure involves generating known temperatures at various test points with our NIST traceable dry well calibrators and reporting as found, as left data from NIST traceable indicator master standards. All data is then reported on a certificate of calibration for quality.

With 24/7 access to J.A. King certificates using our GageSuite® calibration tracking, your quality team always has the information they need, to prove your equipment is performing accurately.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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