Temperature controllers are used in everything from ovens and autoclaves to freezers and refrigerators to set and maintain temperature outputs from a single location. These devices are often an important part of the overall function of these systems and when necessary should be calibrated and maintained as part of an complete validation process.

An oven for example can have a well maintained or calibrated temperature controller, however fans or exhaust systems can alter the actual temperature in parts of the oven and cause uniformity issues.

J.A. King knows the importance of temperature controllers within systems such as these, and can provide temperature controller calibration as part of an overall validation process, or individual calibration on stand alone temperature controllers, based on needs.

Our experienced technicians utilize NIST traceable master standards to measure generated outputs at multiple test points. As found, as left readings along with other pertinent data is then reported on a calibration certificate so you and your quality department can be sure your equipment is performing correctly.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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