Hygrometers are used in many operations to measure the water vapor in the environment. They become extremely useful in industries such as life sciences or food and beverage, where storage of materials at specific relative humidity (RH) levels is important. Quality processes in these industries typically require hygrometer calibration, to ensure correct RH is maintained.

With measurement of humidity in the atmosphere typically reliant on another metric such as pressure, temperature, mass, or electrical charge, there a several types of hygrometers which are used depending on the application.

At J.A. King, we see both analog and digital humidity measuring devices in both bench top and handheld configurations. These include devices as part of larger systems such as psychrometers and hygrometer thermometers, temperature humidity chart recorders, data loggers, and humidity chambers.

J.A. King provides hygrometer calibration services for a wide array of humidity measuring devices. Our calibration procedures utilize NIST traceable master standards to provide as found, as left data on a certificate of calibration which your quality team can access 24/7 using our Gagesuite® calibration certificate tracking.

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GageSuite Calibration Management
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