Heat sealers are commonly used in many industries such as life sciences, consumer products, or food and beverage, to package items for delivery to end users. In general, these units utilize a heat source to seal packaging (typically plastics) where a bond is created by fusing multiple sections of material.

In some cases, such as with consumables like medicines or food and beverage items, it’s important to have a proper seal between production to maintain sterilization before reaching the end user.

Many quality processes require a known temperature level to ensure a proper seal, therefore becomes important to have calibration performed to verify temperature controller settings are accurate, and the equipment it properly heating materials to the correct temperature.

J.A. King offer NIST traceable heat sealer calibration with master test standards such as calibrated thermocouple probes and temperature indicators. Our technicians can provide as found, as left readings on a certificate of calibration which your quality team can access 24/7 using our GageSuite® calibration certificate tracking.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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