In many operations that perform temperature tests, a dry well (dry block) calibrator, or a water bath is a key element for verifying that temperature measurement equipment is functional. The most common use for these systems is verifying the accuracy of thermometers and temperature probes.

On a basic level, these units are designed to elevate to a set temperature, and remain within a certain range of that set temperature based on unit accuracy. While some operations use dry block calibrators or water baths as a simple verification method, it’s important to maintain regular calibration to ensure temperature equipment is accurately verified.

If used as a calibration standard for laboratory temperature equipment, it becomes even more important to have these units calibrated regularly with NIST traceable master test standards.

J.A. King provides dry well calibration and water bath calibration both onsite and in our laboratories, using state of the art NIST traceable equipment. Our technicians can provide your quality department with a certificate of calibration showing as found and as left data at multiple test points so you can be assured your equipment is providing accurate measurements.

With 24/7 access to J.A. King certificates using our GageSuite® calibration tracking, your quality team always has the information they need, no matter when it may be necessary.

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GageSuite Calibration Management
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