Data Loggers are used in many scenarios to retrieve important data about area environmental conditions. One of the key benefits of many data loggers is their ability to wirelessly record and even transmit live data to a remote PC for real time monitoring.

The benefit of wireless data logging technology is invaluable in many situations. With the use of a wireless system, data logging units can easily be placed in sealed environments such as autoclaves freezers, and ovens which don’t allow for thermocouple penetration. The use of wireless data logging technology is also beneficial when performing temperature uniformity surveys with many zones, eliminating the use of large amounts of thermocouple wire.

Whichever type of data logger you utilize in your operation, our experienced technicians know the importance of accurate environmental data reporting. J.A. King offers data logger calibration utilize NIST traceable master standards to measure generated outputs at multiple test points. In addition, we offer as found, as left readings along with other pertinent data within a calibration certificate so you and your quality department can be sure your equipment is performing accurately.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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