Autoclave calibration or validation is important when determining the functionality of autoclaves in various settings. Whether the equipment is used in a laboratory setting for medical materials or on a manufacturing production floor to process large scale parts such as composites, you need to ensure your autoclave is functioning properly.

Lab Autoclave Calibration

Autoclaves use both temperature (heat) along with pressure and sometimes steam to process materials. Often the main purpose is sterilization of materials, however in many industrial uses, large scale vessels are commonly used to process materials such as composites which improve the strength and durability of finished products.

J.A. King offers onsite autoclave calibration and validation services so you can ensure your equipment is performing within any required tolerances. Our technicians can come to your facility and perform variety of checks, verifying functions such as the pressure systems, and temperature. We can even perform full uniformity surveys with our specialized temperature monitoring systems.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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