J.A. King specializes in a variety of temperature and relative humidity calibration disciplines. From infrared and analog thermometers to autoclaves and water baths, our technicians have years of experience with temperature and humidity equipment. This knowledge base helps us bring our customers the best-in-class measurement solutions they deserve.

Throughout our network of state-of-the-art ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, we use the latest technology and most advanced standards to calibrate equipment with the best accuracies possible. Facilities throughout our network include temperature and humidity testing laboratories that maintain precision temperature baths and dry block calibrators. These facilities use PRT and thermistor probes to monitor and measure temperatures from -196 to 1450 °C with uncertainties as small as 0.04 °C.

In addition to the broad range of ISO 17025 temperature calibration capabilities offered in our laboratoriesmany of our laboratories offer temperature calibration onsite and in your facility for convenience.  Take a look below at our scope of temperature calibration disciplines.

J.A. King Temperature & Relative Humidity Calibration Scope of Disciplines

AutoclavesChart RecordersDew Point Meters
Dew Point RecordersDry BlocksEnvironmental Chambers
Flammability TestersHeat GunsHeat Sealers
Hot platesHumidity MetersHygrometers
Hygrometer ThermometersHygrothermographs Incubators
Moisture AnalyzersMoisture MetersOven Temperature Controllers
PsychrometersRefrigerator-FreezersSolder Iron Analyzers
Solder PotsTemperature-Humidity ProbesTemperature & Humidity Controllers
Temperature Data LoggersTemperature SensorsTemperature Switches
Temperature Water BathsThermistor ProbesThermocouple Probes
Thermocouple CalibratorsThermometers

Don’t see your temperature or relative humidity equipment on this list? Don’t worry! at J.A. King we pride ourselves on investments in equipment standards that continuously push quality to new levels. As technology improves and our equipment evolves, we can bring our customers the most accurate measurements with new temperature and relative humidity calibration parameters. Please contact your account manager for more information or click the button below for a quote on equipment calibration.


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