Flow meters offer an important measure of fluid quantities in equipment ranging from gasoline pumps to food and beverage production machinery. When products or materials are valued based on gas or fluid quantity, it’s important to have a calibrated flow meter, as they often act as a cash register for your operation.

J.A. King offers ISO 17025 accredited flow meter calibration with NIST traceable master testing standards such as certified variable area flow meters, weigh scales, timers, and collection vessels. Our liquid flow meter calibration procedures utilize either gravimetric flow methods, or direct comparison methods with our certified variable area flow meters.  We can also offer accredited calibration of mass flow controllers and mass flow meters using our Fluke Monobloc system.

Our experienced techinicians report all NIST traceable data on a calibration certificate which is then available 24/7 within GageSuite®, our cloud based calibration management system.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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