Sartorius Centrifuge in LaboratoryCentrifuge calibration is an important component of quality control in GMP and GLP settings. Improper centrifugation speed and time can have subtle to dramatic effects on your process and sample quality. Under performance can produce soft pellets or improper separation of components which can result in carry-over of contaminants and reduce the quality of samples. Over speed or increased time can induce cell lysis and contaminate samples with DNA and host cell protein.

In clinical settings centrifuges play a critical role in sample preparation. Speed accuracy in the clinic is just as important if not more so. Sub-optimal centrifugation of Plasma and Serum samples can result in downstream assay failure requiring retesting and investigation. Retesting and deviation investigations are expensive, time consuming, and can affect laboratory efficiency.

J.A. King can save you time and money by keeping your centrifuges humming at the proper speed, temperature, and completing assays on-time. Our technicians can perform calibrations of all three parameters (Speed, Temperature, Time) leaving you with confidence that your separations will be effective every time.

Sartorius CentrifugeWe can also assist with the selection of the right centrifuge to suit your needs. Our lineup of Sartorius Centrisart bench top centrifuges range from compact and space-saving micro-centrifuges to universally applicable bench top centrifuges with a total capacity of up to 1600 mL. The top-of-the-line model is a high-speed centrifuge producing a gravitational field of up to 62,000 g. Centrisart centrifuges are versatile and cost effective. Click below for a quote on centrifuge calibration service and pricing on new centrifuges.


GageSuite Calibration Management

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