J.A. King specializes in a variety of disciplines within the speed, time acoustics, and light equipment categories. Some of the most common parameter capabilities include tachometer calibration and light meter calibration. However, as we continue to build our scope to meet customer demand, we have increased this area significantly. Take a look at our current scope of disciplines below:

J.A. King Speed, Time, Acoustics, and Light Calibration Scope of Disciplines

TachometersTimers and StopwatchesLight Meters
AccelerometersSound Level MetersNoise Dosimeters
SpectrophotometersSpeed Control DevicesRPM Meters

Don’t see your equipment on this list? Don’t worry! at J.A. King we pride ourselves on investments in equipment standards that continuously push quality to new levels. As technology improves and our equipment evolves, we can bring our customers the most accurate measurements in new disciplines. Please contact your account manager for more information or click the button below for a quote on equipment calibration.

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