Almost anywhere pressure plays a role in an industrial process, some kind of gauge is there to measure it. These devices are designed to keep track of absolute, differential, pneumatic, hydraulic and even atmospheric vacuum pressure, but without pressure gauge calibration, the devices these gauges help monitor can fail.

Whether it’s a hydraulic line in a manufacturing facility, a tank holding hazardous liquids or gasses, or a even a pneumatic driven force system, chances are, it requires a calibrated pressure gauge to ensure proper function. At J.A. King, we understand the importance of reliably calibrated gauges. Our technicians can perform ISO 17025 accredited calibration of pressure gauges up to 30,000 psig with an uncertainty of 7 psig so you can ensure your gauges are accurate.

In addition to basic calibration service, we are also able to adjust and repair a wide variety of pressure gages from industry leading brands. From differential gauges to vacuum and compound gauges, our technical expertise paired with NIST traceable standards allows us to provide industry leading pressure gauge calibration services in any environment.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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