Manometers are a type of differential pressure gauge often used in industrial settings to measure pressure differentials. At a basic level, they measure a difference in pressure with a U-shaped tube which is exposed to different pressure conditions at each end.

Typically, their tube is filled with a liquid substance, such as mercury. A scale on the tube provides a reference as the liquid moves back and forth from one end of the tube to the other based on pressure levels on each side.

Available in both stationary (often analog) and digital handheld models, they are used in an array of industrial settings such as pressurized gas or liquid storage tanks, or paint booths, and fume hoods which need to maintain a negative pressure for operator safety.

Whether a traditional or digital model is used, calibration or verification is important to ensure accurate readings. J.A. King technicians can perform manometer calibration with NIST traceable master pressure standards so you can be sure your systems are operating correctly, and your operators are safe.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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