Leak testers allow technicians to ensure various air tight seals remain intact at a given pressure level. In the medical field for example, packaging for certain types of instruments, including important pieces like surgical tools, catheters and implants, must be completely air tight before being shipped to end users. Leak tester calibration is important in order to guarantee an accurate determination of the pressure at which that seal loses its integrity.

If these testers lose their accuracy, vital products can lose the security of their packaging and risk being defective themselves. To ensure consistent quality in both packaging and production, the pressure gauges in these testers need to be operating correctly and require calibration.

J.A. King technicians can provide NIST traceable calibration for the pressure systems in leak testers. By ensuring your leak tester is operating properly, we also ensure your products live up to your standards of quality.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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