In order to properly test pressure and calibrate pressure gages, both from our customers and from our collection of masters, J.A. King technicians often turn to dead weight testers. Based on holding constant pressure and comparing readings, these devices provide an easy, accurate way to calibrate our customers’ pressure gages. In addition to ensuring our own devices are performing accurately, our technicians also perform dead weight tester calibration for customers in need of a master standard within their own facility.

The process of calibrating a dead weight tester is a complicated one, but on its most basic level it’s made up of a few steps. Primarily, this process includes a dimensional and mass inspection of the pistons and the weights used with it along with a verification of pressure. From there, our techs determine the effective area of the piston and conduct a cross float verification to ensure complete accuracy. With this procedure at our disposal, J.A. King technicians are able to precisely test and calibrate most dead weight testers.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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