In some scenarios, standard pressure and vacuum gauges are unable to accurately measure the pressures present in a given system. For these scenarios, specifically when positive and negative pressures are both applied, compound gauges become the best option.

Since positive pressure on a vacuum gauge, or negative pressure on a standard positive pressure gauge can cause damage, a compound gauge should be used when the potential for both types of pressure is present. The ability of compound gauges to measure both types of pressure makes them an invaluable part of processes like leak testing. With J.A. King compound gauge calibration, you can ensure these important processes are undertaken with accuracy.

J.A. King technicians are equipped to perform ISO 17025 accredited compound gauge calibration for vacuum to 28 inHg with an uncertainty of .09% and to pressure of up to 10,000 psi with an uncertainty of .07 of full scale%.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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