Believe it or not, barometer calibration plays a role in our day-to-day lives. Our atmosphere is always around us, and if we want to keep tabs on it, we turn to Barometers. In the lab and on your local news, barometers provide accurate readings on the air around them allowing for equally accurate predictions about material behavior and even the weather.

In a lab environment, barometers help scientists maintain a constant set of conditions to ensure whatever is being tested, be it a polymer, solution, or vapor, behaves exactly as it would in a real-world setting.

In the world of meteorology, barometers monitor the atmosphere, capturing high and low pressure zones and allowing meteorologists to predict what type of weather is moving in when.

Closely related to barometers, absolute pressure measurements use similar technology to measure the added pressure of the atmosphere as compared to a vacuum. This type of more high pressure reading is often used in the aviation industry to help planes determine their altitude and stay safe.

J.A. King technicians know the importance of these readings, and act accordingly with the proper care and focus required. J.A. King is ISO 17025 accredited to perform barometer calibration from 17-34 inHg with an uncertainty of .02% and is ISO 17025 accredited to perform absolute pressure calibrations from 0 to 60 inHg with an uncertainy of .08 inHg.

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