Tachometers are used to measure revolutions, or the rotational speed of objects within a wide range of equipment and applications. One of the best examples of these devices at work, is in the motorized vehicles or aerospace industry where they measure RPM within engines. Other applications include measuring or calculating materials sold by length with FPM or processed using centrifuges, and within operations utilizing conveyor systems for process speed.

Whichever application or process you need to measure or control, it’s important to have a calibrated tachometer to ensure accuracy in operation. J.A. King offers ISO 17025 accredited photo tachometer calibration with NIST traceable master testing standards such as rotor kits, frequency counters and signal generators.

Our tachometer calibration procedure requires our experienced technicians to take multiple test points across the full range of the device, at intervals based on type of equipment. This data is then stored for easy 24/7 access within GageSuite®, our cloud based calibration management system.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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