Metal detectors are required equipment in many industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco and more, to ensure product safety and regulatory compliance.  J.A. King is very pleased to offer metal detection product sales and calibration services to customers throughout our entire network of calibration laboratory locations.

All HAACP-based standards require regular monitoring of metal detector effectiveness.  For complete peace of mind, a third party calibration backs up your daily checks and ensures your equipment is functioning properly. Our calibrations test the sensitivity of your device and we adjust as necessary. We also make sure the reject function of the machine is operating correctly. We use NIST-traceable standards which are matched with your particular process.

Like all other equipment calibration certificates from J.A. King, your certificates are stored in GageSuite®, our cloud-based calibration management program, for easy retrieval at audit time.  Please on the link below to request information about metal detector calibration services or learn about metal detection equipment distributed by J.A. King.


GageSuite Calibration Management

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