In the many industries, magnets are used as a critical control point to separate out metallic contaminants. They come in a variety of styles and strengths for the different parts of the production process, from incoming ingredients to finished goods. However, exposure to harsh conditions, including heavy washdown and extreme temperatures, can cause a magnet to lose strength. Magnets can also be damaged if dropped or knocked together during routine sanitation.

Regular testing of your magnetic separators is key to detecting a decline in force early enough to prevent product contamination. The more frequently performance is evaluated, the more quickly a problem can be identified and corrected. A pull test is an excellent method to assess the strength of the magnet over time and ensure it is not failing to attract contaminants.

J.A. King provides magnet pull tests for food and pharmaceutical companies, using calibrated, NIST-traceable standards. We have an established procedure and every pull test comes with a certificate of calibration, to prove that your magnet is working as specified.

Magnets are an effective CCP, but only if they are operating as intended. Regular measurement over time using a magnet pull test can alert you to a decrease in holding force and therefore, operational effectiveness. Click the button below to contact J.A. King to schedule your magnet pull test today.

GageSuite Calibration Management
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