In many industries, tension cables or wires, and other connectors play an important role in operation. Many processes make use of cable tensiometers to check the load carried by these cables, but without proper calibration, tensiometers can incorrectly measure tension which can compromise safety.

An example of the importance of these devices is in most aircraft, where a series of cables controls the mechanisms that allow the aircraft to maneuver while in flight. Without proper tension, these mechanisms can function incorrectly and cause issues with control response.

Another example of usage is when determining safe loads on weighted structures or tensile stress events such as a lift or pull. In these situations, a tensiometer can be used to determine cable stress levels which can help prevent an overload and potentially catastrophic failure events.

With applications such as these and many others, J.A. King technicians understand the importance of a properly calibrated tensiometer. In order to ensure your process continues to run smoothly, J.A. King provides tensiometer calibration for units covering a wide range of tension levels. Using NIST traceable master standards such as certified test weights, we are able to ensure your devices respond correctly to a given level of tension.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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