Dynamometers can be used to measure torque, force, or power. One of the most common uses of these instruments is for the measurement of RPM in the automotive industry, however another widely used type of dynamometer is the force dynamometer which is utilized in industries such as construction, oil, and natural gas, for monitoring the exerted force on cabling and wiring applications.

In the oil and gas industry, for example, dynamometers are often used to measure the force exerted on downhole drillstring components while torqing connections. In addition, they are used in product testing to measure the inspection process.

Frequently used in-line with chain hoists or other load generating equipment, dynamometers are a critical indicator which can prevent catastrophic failures when in use. Some models are outfitted with audible safety warning which alerts technicians when a certain load is reached.

J.A. King knows how important these devices are and offers ISO 17025 accredited force dynamometer calibration with NIST traceable master standards on both digital and mechanical models. With years of experience and technical expertise, our team also offers dynamometer repair services for a variety of models from industry leading OEMs.

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