Tension and compression force testers, are a common piece of testing equipment for operations requiring both destructive and non-destructive force testing. At their core, these units apply a known level of tensile or compressive force on a test subject to achieve an outcome.

While various models offer an array of testing options, most compression and tension testers utilize some form of load cell to regulate the amount of applied force. Depending on the type of load cell and the mechanics of the system, many units also offer feature the ability to perform both compression and tension tests with varying levels of range and accuracy.

Some systems even include full test automation setup and data analysis software capability, enabling them to be used as materials testers.

J.A. King offers NIST traceable compression and tension tester calibration services for a variety of models. With master load cell test standards capable of comparison readings up to 100,000 lbs in both tension and compression, our technicians can verify loads applied over time to ensure your equipment is accurate and operating correctly.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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