Oscilloscopes, also called o-scopes or simply scopes, are used in a wide variety of settings ranging from medical to industrial electronics to determine change in electrical signal over time. They allow signal voltages to be displayed in a two-dimensional format where the vertical axis is typically used to plot incoming voltage, with a horizontal axis representing time. The use of waveforms in a two-dimensional format make it easier to analyze characteristics such as frequency, distortion, amplitude and more.

J.A. King offers ISO 17025 accredited oscilloscope calibration with NIST traceable master test equipment such as oscilloscope calibration software, high voltage probes, and digital multimeters. Our oscilloscope calibration procedure requires our experienced technicians to perform testing on the voltage accuracy, time based accuracy, bandwidth or flatness, and trigger sensitivity.

With multiple test points across the full range of the device, you can be assured your equipment functions on all levels. With J.A. King, test results are reported and stored for easy 24/7 access within GageSuite®, our cloud based calibration management system.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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