Hipot testers, or high potential testers are primarily used to perform insulation resistance, dielectric withstand, and dielectric breakdown tests, which determine the effectiveness of insulation in a variety of electrical components. These tests are extremely important due to the risks associated with electrical currents.

J.A. King offers ISO 17025 accredited hipot tester calibration with NIST traceable master test equipment such as AC/DC high voltage meters, high voltage probes, digital multimeters and more. Our hipot tester calibration procedure requires our experienced technicians to perform tests on the equipment AC/DC voltage and current, leakage indicator, breakdown/short indicator, and ramp rate/test time if equipped.

With procedural requirements for multiple test points across the full range of the device, you can be assured your equipment functions on all levels. With J.A. King, test results are reported and stored for easy 24/7 access within GageSuite, our cloud based calibration management system.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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