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Electronic Calibration Laboratory

J.A. King specializes in a variety of disciplines within the electronic calibration category. Our technicians have years of experience in disciplines such as multi-meter calibration, oscilloscope calibration, and everything in-between. This knowledge base helps us bring our customers the best-in-class electronic calibration solutions they deserve, no matter which laboratory they are closest to.

Throughout our network of state-of-the-art ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, we use the latest technology and most advanced traceable standards to calibrate electronic equipment with NIST traceability, and the best accuracies possible.

In addition to our broad range of current electronics calibration capabilities, at J.A. King we also pride ourselves on investments in equipment standards that continuously push quality to new levels. As technology improves, especially in the electronics segment, our equipment evolves so we can bring our customers the most accurate measurements. Take a look at our full scope of disciplines in electronics calibration:

J.A. King Electronic Calibration Scope of Disciplines

Ammeters Battery Charger-Analyzers Battery Testers
Cable Analyzer-Testers Capacitance Meters Conductivity Meters
Current and Voltage Calibrators Current Probes Current Shunts
Data Loggers Decade Capacitors Decade Resistors
Differential Probes Distortion Meters Dynamic Signal Analyzers
Electronic Loads Gauss Meters Gloss Meters
High Voltage Probes High Voltage Safety Equipment (Blanket, Gloves, Sleeves) Hypot Insulation Testers
LCR Meters Light Meters Linear Displacement – String Pots
Loop Calibrators Low Resistance Meters Magnetic Coil – Particle Testers
Meggers Megohmeters Micro-Ohm Meters
Milliometers Multimeters Ohmmeters
Oscilloscopes Oscilloscope Probes Panel Meters
Phase Meters Power Analyzers Power Meters
Power Supplies Process Calibrators Process Meters
RTD Simulators Safety Analyzers Scopemeters
Signal Conditioners Static: ESD Equipment Strain Gage Amplifiers
Stroboscopes Tachometers Timers
Voltage Calibrator Voltage Meters Wattage Meters
Wattage Per Hour Meters Welders

Don’t see your equipment in this list? Don’t worry! J.A. King is continuously expanding our capabilities to include more electronic calibration services. In addition, take a look at our list of ISO 17025 accreditation scopes to see what disciplines we are accredited for in your area. Please contact your account manager for more information or click the button below for a quote on equipment calibration!

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