There’s more to your surface plate than meets the eye.  While granite is very hard and not greatly affected by temperature fluctuations – making it an ideal material for a reference surface – with continued use, a granite surface plate will wear over time.Surface plate cal

Airborne abrasive dust and repeated sliding of gages or parts along the plate can create wear spots that are invisible to the naked eye.  These spots affect the flatness and/or the repeatability of the plate and therefore the accuracy of the measurements that you make on it.

Accurate measurements are the basis for making accurate products, and start with an accurate reference surface.

J.A. King offers ISO 17025 accredited surface plate calibration for surface plates up to 60 inches in diagonal length. Our accredited granite surface plate calibration covers grades AA, A and B for repeatability at 0.002 inches and flatness up to 60 inches in diagonal length. We also offer granite surface plate resurfacing if needed, with a relap to bring surface plate back into specification.

For more information about surface plate calibration, click on the button below to get in touch with a J.A. King team member. Also, take a look at our article “Why You Should Calibrate Your Surface Plate



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