Microscopes are used in laboratories throughout many industries for close visual inspection of materials which typically cannot be seen by the human eye alone. When using these devices to retrieve reference information about materials, it’s important ensure the components are functional, accurate, and microscope calibration is a must.

With regulating bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration requiring more stringent process control in related industries, J.A. King has developed a comprehensive microscope calibration procedure, to ensure your equipment is operating within compliance.

J.A. King offers NIST traceable calibration of multiple types of microscopes, including laboratory microscopes which rely primarily on optical magnification level, as well as measurement microscopes, which utilize some form of internal or connected reference scale.

Our technicians utilize glass scale master standards to check magnification levels and in the case of measurement microscopes, any internal reference scales. In addition, our team can provide as found, as left readings on a certificate of calibration which your quality team can access 24/7 using GageSuite®, our online calibration certificate tracking system.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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