Eyepiece graticules, reticles and stage or ocular micrometers are used as a dimensional reference when working with materials viewed through ocular devices such as a microscopes or magnification eyepieces. While stage or ocular micrometers typically have only a linear scale for reference of length, many eyepiece graticules and reticles come in a variety of configurations and typically have markings for reference of length, angular, or radius features.

With stringent regulations in many industries where these devices are used, traceable calibration with a certificate of reference is often required to verify marking dimensions are accurate. With patterns either etched or painted on a glass surface, wear on markings as a result of use over time can cause inaccuracy in visual interpretation. Because of this, it is important and sometimes required, to have graticules and reticles calibrated on a regular basis dependent on frequency of use.

J.A. King offers NIST traceable calibration for ocular measurement devices such as eyepiece graticules, reticles, and stage or ocular micrometers, utilizing inspection master standards such as digital video measurement equipment and optical comparators with the latest measurement software. With this capability, our technicians can measure a variety of scale values with extreme precision.

In addition, we can provide all as found dimensions on a certificate of calibration for reference which your quality team can access 24/7 using GageSuite®, our online calibration certificate tracking system.

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GageSuite Calibration Management

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