Calibration Program AuditsAs part of our comprehensive audit preparation services, J.A. King offers calibration program audits. This partnership allows you to get an outside perspective of your quality process before you enter an audit. We take a deep dive into your calibration program to perform a gap analysis and validate procedures, frequencies, and even the measurement equipment itself.

Audit findings can cost you big, over $15,500 each! With J.A. King as a third party source for audit preparation, we can make sure any findings are uncovered during our assessment, rather than when an auditor is present. In addition to working through every part of your calibration program  searching for anything an auditor may find, a partnership with J.A. King also ensures you know how to correct any issues.

J.A. King dedicated calibration audit specialists have years of experience with multiple auditing bodies, and can offer consultation as to where and how to implement changes so that you are compliant. For more information on calibration program audits, tool sweep services, or comprehensive calibration audit preparation services click the button below!



Take a look at a case study where J.A. King’s calibration program audit saved Ingredion over $200,000 in potential audit findings.

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