J.A. King proudly offers the most comprehensive, user-friendly calibration management system in the industry- GageSuite®.

We are known for our expertise in precision measurement, but our team also strives to constantly innovate in order to benefit our customers. Our IT staff designed GageSuite with the goal of serving our customers better and faster. Their efforts were recognized with a Suitey Award for innovation in cloud-based applications. GageSuite brought sweeping improvements to our operations and provides our customers with a best-in-class online system.

GageSuite Offers:

Comprehensive Reporting
Instantly access the complete calibration and repair history for each piece of equipment. Color-coded visual management system that allows you to view the entire calibration status of your plant at a glance. Sort equipment based on a variety of criteria. Even check the progress of equipment currently in one of our labs!
Peace of Mind
Gone are the days of searching through a file cabinet to provide a certificate for an auditor! Your data is available 24/7/365. Have confidence knowing your records are safe, secure, and easily accessible.
Total Asset Management
Track your equipment in real-time. We give you the ability to edit location data in order to reduce the risk of lost tools and gages.

Best of all- the system is FREE for J.A. King customers!

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