Request a one-on-one customized product demonstration, catered to your application. At J.A. King we pride ourselves on being the leaders in technical knowledge and working with our customers to find the best solution for their requirements.  Our goal is to ensure your equipment fits your needs and serves your operation for years. With a customized product demonstration we can work with your team, demonstrating utilization of products within your operational environment or with your application.

Our application specialists have the ability to offer customized demonstrations on a variety of capital equipment:

  • Optical Comparators
  • Digital Video Measurement Systems
  • Force and Materials Testing Equipment
  • Counting Scales
  • Height Gauges
  • Torque Analyzers
  • Surface Roughness Testers
  • Lab Balances
  • Checkweighers
  • Weigh Indicators

Here are four reasons why a product with J.A. King demonstration may be right for your operation.

Application Driven – Do you ever watch webinars or product highlight videos and wonder, “would that work with my component, in my facility, or with my operators?” Purchasing capital equipment can be an in depth process, and often difficult to justify without guarantee you are maximizing your benefit from capital expenditure. With application driven demonstrations, you can see your parts or components in action, and even see the results produced.

Customer Focused – With a one-on-one appointment, our time and attention is 100% yours. Our application specialist have years of technical knowledge and are able to answer questions about equipment in real time. We can take a look at your facility or operation in general and help you determine the best measurement options for your needs. You can utilize our expertise and time to get exactly what you need, rather than waiting for an answer within a boxed presentation.

Brand Flexibility – J.A. King offers one of the widest selections of equipment brands in the industry. We have exclusive distributorships for some of the most reputable brands, but more importantly can offer a wider selection in one stop. We take a look at your specific application and can not only determine the best equipment for your operation, but can help your determine which equipment manufacturer offers the best solution.

Immediate Feedback – Our full team of application specialists is positioned throughout our entire network of sales territories. This enables us to set quicker in-person appointments, and in addition we are also able to present follow up quotes and resources even quicker than the competition.

Interested in a product demonstration? Click the button below to contact a the J.A. King application specialist in your area!



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