Metrology Glossary – W

At J.A. King, we strive to educate our team and our customers so we can all make informed decisions and improve quality. Having information at our fingertips is the best way to do that. We have compiled a list of the most common terminology within the precision measurement industry, backed by our experts with years within our industry.

Precision Measurement Glossary of Terms

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Water Bath

A container of water used for heating substances in small containers. Often used as a calibration standard for temperature devices such as thermometers.


The SI unit of power, equivalent to one joule per second, corresponding to the power in an electric circuit energized with one volt and transmitting a current of one ampere.


The force with which a body is attracted toward the earth by gravitation and which is equal to the product of the mass and the local gravitational acceleration.

Wheatstone Bridge Circuit

A simple circuit for measuring an unknown resistance by connecting it so as to form a quadrilateral with three known resistances and applying a voltage between a pair of opposite corners. Most strain gauges are Wheatstone bridges in which the strain-sensing element acts as the unknown resistance, unbalancing the circuit in direct correlation to the amount of strain applied.

WYE Connection

A connection of three components made in such a manner that one end of each component is connected; generally used to connect devices to a three-phase power system.

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