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At J.A. King, we strive to educate our team and our customers so we can all make informed decisions and improve quality. Having information at our fingertips is the best way to do that. We have compiled a list of the most common terminology within the precision measurement industry, backed by our experts with years within our industry.

Precision Measurement Glossary of Terms

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The standard unit of energy in the International System of Units. Energy equal to the work by a force of one newton acting through a distance of one meter.

Junction Box (J-Box)

A box that protects and isolates electrical connections. Typically referred to and utilized in scales; primarily the large variety such as a truck scale or rail scale, where multiple load cells are required to gather complete load

Junction Forming

The means of forming the electrical contact between the two wires of a thermocouple. Methods include: Type E; soft or silver soldering for low temperature operation. Type J, K, T; Gas Welding; the wires are twisted together through two or three turns, held vertically in a vise and joined by fusion with a gas flame (usually only borax as a flux). Arc Welding: for small or medium diameter wires. Requires no flux. The arc is struck between the twisted tip and a piece of carbon rod. Resistance Welding; for all thermocouples of very small diameter wires. Uses a capacity discharge type welder. Useful for R, S, B, C, W, J, E, T & K.

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