Below is the current list of Rice Lake equipment we have in our system that has been discontinued. Because this equipment is no longer manufactured, replacement parts are unavailable. If you have equipment on this list, don’t worry! Contact a J.A. King representative and we can help determine the best solution for your needs.


  • DS-470SS (DIGI)
  • CW-80 Over/Under Checkweigher
  • CW-40 Over/Under Checkweigher


  • Condec™ UMC444 Digital Weight Indicator
  • SURVIVOR 320HE and 310HE Hostile Environment
  • Condec™ UMC222 Digital Weight Indicator
  • Condec™ UMC555 Digital Weight Indicator
  • DIGI® DI-28BR Digital Weight Indicator
  • DIGI® DI-28SS Digital Weight Indicator
  • IQ Plus 510 Digital Weight Indicator
  • IQ plus 310A Digital Weight Indicator
  • IQ Plus 800 Digital Weight Indicator
  • 520 Configurable Weight Indicator
  • Condec™ UMC600 Programmable Weight Indicator
  • IQ Plus® 710 Configurable Weight Indicator
  • IQ 700IS Intrinsically Safe Digital Indicator
  • 320IS Digital Indicator (Intrinsically Safe)

Load Cells

  • RL32155 Single-Ended Beam Stainless Steel Load Cell
  • RL71000 HE Double-Ended Beam Stainless Steel Load Cell
  • RLSB2L/RLSB2M/RLSB2MLW Single-Ended Beam Alloy Steel Load Cell
  • POD1 Weigh Module, Aluminum IP65

Precision Balances

  • MB Series Precision
  • QB Series

Click the button below to contact a J.A. King representative if you are currently using any of the Rice Lake equipment on this list. We can help to you determine the best replacement equipment for your application.

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