Below is the current list of Ohaus equipment we have in our database that has been discontinued. Because this equipment is no longer manufactured, replacement parts are unavailable. If you have equipment on this list, don’t worry! Contact a J.A. King representative and we can help determine the best solution for your needs.

Lab Balances

  • Explorer Pro Analytical Series
  • Explorer Pro Precision Series
  • Scout Pro Compact Balance Series
  • Voyager Pro Series
  • MB35
  • MB45


  • Defender 7000 Xtreme

Click the button below to contact a J.A. King representative if you are currently using any of the Ohaus equipment on this list. We can help to you determine the best replacement equipment for your application.  Also, ask about our risk reduction matrix and how we can help you determine how much you can get out of your equipment before needing to replace.

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