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KapStone Paper and Packaging makes unbleached kraft paper and high performance lightweight liner board. Their Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina plant, set on the banks of the Roanoke River, runs 24/7 with approximately 430 employees producing over 470,000 tons of paper per year. The Fiber Supply department works with local vendors to provide the two million tons of round wood and wood chips to keep this massive plant running.

To capture their bulk material purchases, KapStone uses two Rice Lake concrete deck truck scales side by side. The scale indicators tie directly into their ALDATA transaction software to record all of their deliveries. A camera monitoring system is in use at the scale house. However, KapStone knew they could improve their process by upgrading this system and contacted J.A. King.

“We were already working with J.A. King for calibration,” said Sheila Clary, KapStone’s Fiber Supply Procurement Lead Tech. “We did talk to another company about the project, but they didn’t listen to our needs. We sat down with J.A. King and talked about what we wanted and together we developed a solution.”

Kapstone Truck Scale System ReadoutTHE SOLUTION INCLUDED:

  • Two sets of loop detectors on each scale, to monitor exactly where the trucks are on the scale
  • Four stoplights – one on each end of each scale – to cue drivers when to move
  • Four remote displays to inform the driver of their truck weight
  • Two self-service kiosks containing a touch screen display and a scanner
  • Two printer kiosks

These were all integrated with their existing indicators and into their existing software.

Now, drivers delivering wood chips scan themselves in with their barcoded gatepass which automatically records their inbound weight. They then use the touch screen to record their trailer number and take a ticket, before proceeding to one of the self-service truck dumpers. Once the load is dumped, they move onto the outbound scale, scan again and the net weight is recorded and completed ticket printed.

For more information regarding KapStone Paper and the range of products and services they offer, please visit www.kapstonepaper.com

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